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What is Examplify.in, and how does it help you?

Examplify.in-Exams get simplify, is an initiative to create a robust, easy-to-use and secure platform which delivers examination, test-series, lectures and content. We provide a complete digital transformation solution for your educational institution for all your elearning needs.

It is clear now that digital is the way to go. You cannot just rely on offline classes to ensure your survival. You need to provide a holistic learning experience to your students. Just taking video lectures on Zoom/Google Meet and sending documents to students via WhatsApp/Email also is not enough when you have giant eLearning companies who are always trying to reach your students.

There are many great teachers and coaching institutions at the local level in every city. They understand the need of the individual students and can cater to their requirements in a much better way than a platform which provides generic content for everyone.

We believe that schools have an emotional connect with their students, and they can do a lot to enhance the learnings of their students by integrating technology-driven platforms like ours with their existing pedagogy.

Enters Examplify.in

Through our platform, a school, coaching, and even a private tutor can build their brand. We give everyone the flexibility to get listed on our platform for free. Join us now and let your students take free exams on a trial basis. Each student can give as many as three free tests on our platform. We also have free introductory packages which can be tried by the students. And when you are satisfied with the value we provide you, then you can take the benefit of the full range of our services. And here’s our promise to you: “Our prices are unbeatable.” You won’t get the services we provide at the price we charge, anywhere else.

We also provide you with the option of utilizing our content creation services. We have a dedicated team of content creators who can tailor the content as per your specific needs.

So, why let your students go to other big education platforms when you can provide them with the same service under your brand name?

How Examplify.in Began?

Examplify.in was conceptualized in April’20, when the two of us, Ravi and Nikhil, who are based out of Lucknow, identified a particular challenge that was being faced by the local educational institutions in our area, during this COVID-19 pandemic. These institutes were falling behind technologically. They were not able to provide their students with the same level of holistic learning experience that the students expected them to. Many teachers who had a good reputation at the local level had to face an existential crisis since they were not able to deal with the rapid emergence of E-Learning platforms. We thought of doing something to help them, and Examplify.in was born. Examplify.in is a play on the words Exams Get Simplify. As we kept working towards this, our team kept growing and currently we are a team of five dedicated people.

It is our deepest desire to give back to our society. Through Examplify.in, all of us can learn and grow together. This is our contribution towards a Digital India. All of us at Examplify.in believe that education is one of the most basic requirements for a child. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the inequitable distribution of digital resources. We are working towards filling that gap through our social initiatives. We have priced our services in such a way that they can be afforded by almost any educational institution without transferring much burden to the students.

Our promise to our partner institutions is: “Our prices are unbeatable.” You won’t get the services we provide at the price we charge, anywhere else. So, why let your students go to other E-learning platforms when you can provide them with the same service under your brand name?

Who we are?

Examplify - Exams get simplify, is a sui generis and an initiative of IIT/IIMs alumnus to create robust, easy-to -use and secure exam platform which delivers examination/Test series, lectures and assessment easily and its management across the globe through most efficient testing tools and AI.

Why we are here?

We, at Examplify.in, are a team of highly percipient, dedicated and brilliant group of engineers, management graduates and mentors, constantly reinventing and transforming themselves to meet the needs of the clients and provides tools that help School/College/Institute/Corporates to carry out test series, lectures and digital exams in objective and subjective manner with their students. They can easily create an exam, schedule exam or use an existing exam such that students access to a simple, best and secure digital exam space. We work with educators at local and global level in all different fields, at all different levels-from K-12 to graduate school to corporations, and beyond. We also provide auto proctoring and analytics for the above. The student's results can be printed, downloaded or exported to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Why Choose Us

Exams/Tests have always been a great way to determine what the students have learned with respect to particular subjects. Exams/Test will show what part of the lesson each student seems to have taken the most interest in and has remembered and mastered. Learning combine with practical approach has always served student's success in academics and life. This digital era sharps, shape the way students nurture and help in keeping their future secure. We, at Examplify.in, always encourages students to bring their best out of themselves.

For Students:

  • We, at Examplify.in, will provide you with the platform to connect to your favorite tutors, teachers to learn from them and give exams from time to time.
  • We, at Examplify.in, is promised to enhance your learning skills, test-taking skills and its management by providing world-class tools and recent development in the field of examination.
  • We, at Examplify.in, will provide you with a detailed analysis of results, analytics and self -assessment tools after every exam so that students can achieve a better result and bring the best out of themselves.
  • Examplify.in-“Exams get simplify”, in -"Exams get simplify", as our motto says, we are promised to deliver it and make it such a smooth thing that it will not exists as a student's nightmare.

For Schools/Institutes/Teachers:

  • We, at Examplify.in, will provide you with the platform to connect to your students to deliver lectures, Exam schedule, test series even in this pandemic era.
  • We will provide you with our platform to conduct exams in multiple languages, get results analytics and knowledge management
  • We will also provide you with proctored online exams i.e. monitoring of your exam and invigilation to keep a check on students.
  • We will also provide you with support for content and its management and you can manage your entire examination cycle with minimal administrative support.
  • We also provide exam and data security along with integrated email, SMS and live chat so that you can tell your students on time.
  • Decoding it exclusively, if your institution or organization requires superior/elevated assessment data, 'Examplify.in' is there to help you. purvey exams securely, achieve better results for your students, and reduce the amount of time your faculty and staff spend administering tests. The only thing you have to do is to register yourself at our website.

The only thing you have to do is to register yourself at our website.


  • To uplift the rural education system and make it competent, self –reliant, progressive in this modern rapid changing technologies and pedagogies, which in all will be a significant part in the economic growth..
  • To become India’s leading Online tutoring/exam portal company which enables students to learn with some of India’s best-curated teachers at the local and national level.


  • We are on a mission to reshape the headway of how students prepare online for various competitive exams.
  • We aim to provide students with a unique platform for effortless learning in developing Student's skills.
  • We aim to provide students with a unique blend of online tutoring and exam portal at a very affordable cost. This rare combination makes our company peerless and sui juris.
  • To aim to equip students with contemporary and emerging developments in the field of online examinations.

Management :-

Nikhil Singh


"Welcome to Examplify.in! Our platform is committed to provide you the best possible solution to meet the varying needs of your students. Technology is a crucial part of the current age. And you cannot afford to ignore it anymore. The moment your student realizes that they he/she is not getting the value what they deserve, they will switch to the big online education platforms without thinking much about you. We are here to help you provide the best services to your students. We will help you to build your brand. We see great opportunities for everyone to thrive through cooperation. So, why compete when you can collaborate?"

Co-Founder, Managing Director

[email protected]

Ravi Kant Sharma


"All the leading online education platforms have reached their current status by winning the trust of millions of students. The local coaching institutions and the schools were left behind and now, when everyone is stuck at their homes, it is about the survival of the fittest. We, at Examplify.in, are here to help you become not only fit but also competitive. Examplify.in was started with this novel idea that we must do something to help the local education institutions grow. After an extensive study in our city, we found that technological gap is the primary reason due to which teachers are not able to provide optimum services to their students. And as a result of this, students are opting to subscribe to the online learning platforms. With Examplify.in, we aim to fill this gap. Come join us and be a part of this Ed-Tech revolution at the local level.

Co-Founder, CEO

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